Monday, January 05, 2009

Apple Basket

I took the original reference photo at the Fiery Foods Festival last summer, and have been contemplating ever since doing "something" with it. Today, our lives got back to some normalcy after the chaos of the holidays, so I got out the micron pens and my sketchbook and sketched it out. Kinda messed up the top apple; but overall I think it looks ok. Maybe I'll add some color to see what happens; but what I really want to do, sometime, is do this as a watercolor.


  1. The shading is very dramatic. I really like the basket textures. Look forward to seeing your watercolor of this. And thank you. You have helped me see how to go with my own reference photos.

  2. I love the shading and the the way the basket is made to look natural..!!

  3. This art really turned out nice. Nice line work and nice use of white areas. Hope all is going well so far in 2009.