Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Author: Henry Miller

I am intrigued by HenryMiller mainly because his "name" is so common in literary circles, and because he lived and worked in Paris, and because I have yet to read anything he wrote. Right now I have about 3 novels/books to read and once I am finished wiht them, I'm going to purchase a copy of the Tropic of Cancer.

The thing I like about this sketch is that it was drawn on the backside of a business card, the only thing I could find to draw on when I saw the reference photo. I think it was in a magazine, maybe in a waiting room somewhere? Don't remember.



  1. Great sketch! Love that it's on the back of a business card.

  2. http://www.cosmotc.blogspot.com/

    Have you seen this site? By a friend of mine - absolute expert on Henry Miller. One of the best blogs devoted to an author, too.