Friday, October 10, 2008

Biking About Paris

Found this picture in a travel article in my local newspaper regarding travel to Paris. In the original picture there is a rather large group of bicyclists all standing beside their bikes, but not one of them is looking at the tower.

I think this location is either the Trocadero, or the plaza above the Trocadero. I have been there a few times. On one trip to Paris the rain was falling so hard, we just drove slowly by to catch the glorious view. Hitler and some of his henchmen stood here after Paris fell to his army during WWII. To Hitler's credit (if there is such a thing) none of this fabulous city was destroyed during the time of the German occupation.

watercolor, ink, sketchbook


  1. When I went to Paris in 2004 with my sweetie, we took the Fat Tire Bike Tour, which meets at the Eiffel Tower. It was great fun. So much so that we signed on for the the evening tour, too, which ends up with a ride on a bateau mouche (bikes all locked up on shore) drinking wine, then unlocking the bikes and riding back to the Fat Tire office in the dark. It was a blast. Being in the courtyard of the Louvre as the sun sets, listening to itinerant musicians (flute etc) was magical.

  2. What a fun piece -- your sense of value is fantastic still! :-)

  3. I love all these Paris sketches. Wonderful works, all of them. So are you planning a trip soon? :)