Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green Suburu, Un-inspiration, and Old Friends

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With plenty of time to kill I sat under an umbrella at one of the many local Starbuck's, enjoying the sunshine, and the people walking by, and drew the Suburu stationwagon sitting right in front of me.

Once the Suburu was completed, I looked at the blank page on the right and absentmindedly began running the long, parallel lines near the fold. I decided to see how far I could go without the lines touching and found - not very long; so I quit, and decided to practice some lettering - the basic block style I learned in high school drafting classes - I would like to learn other styles. Then, out of boredom and total lack of inspiration, I left.

Later on I ended up in DAiry Queen where I bought a soft drink and sat down in a booth with my moleskine and ink pen. I thought I would fill the page with doodles...something I don't do often I lined up a column or circles, then I decided to make them baseballs; but then I had to decide what to do with the drip on the bottom of the I made it a drippy baseball.

Now what? Ok, a baseball bat: I love baseball, and I'm truly excited to see MLB back on the air - our local team, the Seattle Mariners - are being broadcast in HD this season - YaaaaY.

Then I spotted him.

The man with the thing on his nose with a tube protruding from under the thing and disappearing behind his ear. He was sitting with his wife, who had the back of her head to me. I figure they must be Old Friends .

pencil, ink, moleskine.


  1. This was a great post! I enjoyed being inside your dreamy creative state and then the guy with the nose thing! Are you sure this wasn't all just a dream? Very nice drawings. Your artwork is wonderful! I clicked over to the various flickr sets and did the slide show of your finished pieces. I like the way you set up your blog with the link to the set pages on flickr. Smart!

  2. A great set of pages linked together by a super creative it! :)