Monday, April 07, 2008


I took the reference photo of this all white beauty a couple of years ago when it was parked on the curb at a car show. It's probably a "kit" model, but I think it looks great and I would love to take it for a drive; but for now, we'll just be happy with the sketch.

This drawing took a number of hours. I wanted to apply what I have learned from the previous few cars I have sketched, so I wanted the perspective to be as close to "right" as possible, and I wanted to layer the crosshatching so that it wouldn't be overbearing, yet enough to relay "proper" values to the sketch. I really like this one.

staedtler ink pen, prismacolor pencils, moleskine


  1. Sweeeeet! These cars had great lines...nice capture here! :)

  2. Very cool! You did a really nice job showing the details.

  3. Very nice and very accurate attention to detail...except this is a 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster. Keep up the good work!!

  4. I should also add, that the Deusenberg frames were made at the Auburn Factory in Auburn Indiana so calling this car a Deusenberg is a common assumption.