Monday, November 26, 2007

Graphite in Moleskine

I went to church this last Sunday with my wife. While the sermon was being delivered, quite expertly I will add, by a young man not long out of the seminary, I sketched this image tossed on the screen up front. I didn't get too many details from the sermon though because I wanted to get this down before they changed it to some other image.

The Bishop appears somewhat stiff; but that's ok because the picture was one of a statue rather than a real person.

Someone mentioned the moleskine isn't forgiving with graphite, so I tried another sketchbook when I sketched the "Skinny Model Girl," posted below. I wasn't pleased with the way the graphite scanned in that post, it looks like it is mottled, or pencil pointed in a pointilistic style: it wasn't. It was drawn just like the Bishop here was drawn with the exception of the Biship being drawn in my moleskine. I like the way it scans off the moleskine giving it a smooth, creamy texture.

graphite on moleskine


  1. Very nice, Jim. I love the detailed crosshatching in the shaded areas.

  2. Drawing in church! I was very tempted to draw at my friend's funeral recently. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of her watching me and cackling with laughter.
    It's interesting, drawing statues, isn't it. This is a great job on a great surface.

  3. oh funny! I'm the one that said to try a different paper - and actually, I prefer using something with a little more tooth for pencil, but then I do alot ALOT of stumping and blending when I draw with graphite and that just makes a smeary mess in a Moleskin sooo..... lol! to each his own I guess. I do love your bishop and I'm really glad you found what works for you! [ :-) ]

  4. if i tried to sketch in church elaine would not be a happy i sketch somewhere else.

  5. Great drawing, Jim. I just came back from visiting family in Italy and even if they are fairly easy and laid back I know I wouldn't dare try to sketch in Church there! Different customs altogether.

  6. I visited your blog for the first time and liked your drawings and also the fact that you don't forget to carry your pencils and stuff everywhere. Keep it up.