Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shadows, Light, and Eyes

Found this guy in a magazine and liked the way the light crossed his face. The majority of my time in this sketch was spent in and around the eyes and nose, although it also took a major amount of graphite to get the shadows on the left side of the face. The neck isn't finished, but I didn't have much interest in the neck other than giving it some space: the shadow on his right shoulder is obvously missing, but again, not interested in that part.

I like the eyes in this sketch. I like drawing eyes - they are so beautiful, and mysterious.

Comments and critiques are welcomed.

graphite in moleskine


  1. Nice work, Jim! I particularly like the whisker stubble on the drawing
    of the guy in the magazine. The young lady further down the page is
    also really good.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Love the stubble, and the wrinkles in his brow, and the way you've captured the light in his eyes. Really nice.

  3. Your portraits are amazing, Jim. Beautiful details and shading.

  4. This is a beautiful drawing. I also like the stubble on the chin and the eyes are amazing. Well done.

  5. Hi Jim;

    I've wondered why we hadn't seen much of you lately...but then again I haven't been around much either, so I've probably missed your posts.

    Your sketch of the man from the magazine is really excellent. I like all the details of stuble and a few wrinkles, but what really gets me is the expression in his eyes. He looks like he has gained wisdom from the knocks and cares of life. That is really well captured in your drawing.

  6. Great drawing. I think you did everything right in this. The shading, the details, the light in the eyes... Beautiful!

  7. Brilliant portrait! The furrows in his forehead look excellent.!

  8. Great job, I especially like the eyes!

    Btw, your link 'Ken at Thermion' no longer exists, I used to have it too.

  9. This is beautiful. The eyes are really captivating and I love all the work you did on his stubble.

  10. Glad you now have more than three comments! Love what you are doing exploring tone and shadow. (PS: The only folks I wish would stop posting are the ones who copy great LONG messages into their reply rather than just the salient bits!!)

  11. Very nice work, indeed! I like eyes, too, for the very same reason. You've done an awesome job with this; the stubble on the chin is perfect and those wrinkles on the brow. Sometimes people overdo those, but you've caught them perfectly. I really enjoy looking at your portraits.