Monday, September 17, 2007

Blake Lively

She is Blake Lively and she stars in Gossip Girl which premieres on The CW sometime this week. If you get the TV mag, On Screen, with your Sunday newspaper, you saw her picture on the front cover in the last edition; and again, if you're like me, you never heard of her before.

Once again, my sketch isn't exact, but it's close enough . . . like in horseshoes and handgranades. The hair is so impossibly difficult - looks more like spaghetti than hair, but hey, whatcha gonna do? My wife says her arm, at the same time, looks off and yet, on. Huh?

She was loads of fun to draw!

graphite in moleskine


  1. Lovely job - the transitions through the highlights are beautiful.

  2. She's lovely.

    I think I know what your wife means. I think it's that the shoulder is right, but the arm is too thin - so it looks both right and yet wrong....

    Great job though!

  3. Great job on the hair! Nicely done sketch.