Sunday, January 07, 2007

Snail-Mail Pods

These mailboxes sit across the street from our front window. I watch them constantly in hopes that someone will send a lot of money. So far, it's mostly junk-mail and empty hopes. Still, one must never give in to skepticisms.

This is a new sketchbook my son bought for me from Barnes and Noble. I like the brown paper and large tooth. I'm thinking about using it for a "sketch a day."

I'm also using colored pencils; something I have paid little attention too over the years. They're kinda fun. My wife bought this set for our step-grand-daughter for a dollar at the "Dollar Store," I bought the set from my s-g-d for two bucks. I think they're fine!


  1. I really like this, especially that shadow shape!

  2. I like this, looks like something about to pop out of one of the for sure. And your gsd is a little made out pretty good - 100% markup.

  3. Look at that awesome shadow! You should be able to ROCK with colored pencil -- looking forward to a sketch-a-day!