Tuesday, January 30, 2007

RIP Barbaro

Barbaro leading the pack on his way to winning last year's Kentucky Derby. Unfortunately, Barbaro was euthanized today due to problems that apparently couldn't be alleviated with out the horse experiencing a great deal more pain.

This painting has been sitting on my desk, since only a week or so following the KDerby last....whatever month it was.

Now, with the horse gone, I look at the painting and think maybe that's the way I should leave it: unfinished, like Barbaro.


  1. i really like the unfinished, ethereal feel of this picture. i think it totally fits the story of barbaro and agree that it is best left this way.

  2. The lack of detail gives it a snese of movement -- great start! (I'm betting that sometime down the road we see this finished, though...)

  3. Jim,

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful athlete. Please leave it that way. That is the way I think he should be remembered. And if there is an animal heaven, (and I believe there is) then he is sound and healthy and happy now.

    Karen in San Diego

  4. Jim--Yes, it works just the way it is. Great
    picture!--Carol C.

    Carol C.

  5. This is wonderful! Sometimes I think things look really cool unfinished. I'd leave it unfinished for now. Go with your feeling.

  6. glad I found your blog and this entry...I was very sad when Barbaro lost his fight.

  7. I quite like this image the way it is - perhaps it is done, not unfinished!

  8. Loving horses, I hated it when Barbaro, had to finally be put down. I like your watercolor just the way it is......