Sunday, January 15, 2006

"Kansas City Jazz"

I find sketching from living things about as easy as driving the wrong way on a multiple lane one way boulevard. Certainly not as dangerous, but putting moving things down on paper ain't so easy.

Anyway, these are some of the sketches I did one wonderful evening in the Fairmont Hotel in Kansas City.

Just me, my moleskine and pen, a $12 Jack Daniels "on the rocks," and live jazz, not that "cd sound" coming outa my speakers, the real thing! Oh yeah, just one drink at that price, and I did sip it real slooooooooooowwwwww.


  1. I think your drawings from real life are good, you captured the scene & mood quite well. Plus, I think you will be better at drawing from life than you think as long as you are not DRAWING while DRIVING the wrong way on a one way street - you will be fine!

  2. These are WONDERFUL! I really get the feeling from your sketches. (My late husband was a jazz musician, years ago, and my brother in law too--they both played the KC scene a very long time ago. Now I'm all nostalgic, you did a GREAT job!)

  3. Wonderful Jim! Basse's just about the best we have right now! I'm glad you got to enjoy them and your whiskey. Those boulevards'll get'cha!!

  4. I haven't graduated to that one way street yet but it looks like you're doing just fine. And it's not just that sketch living "things" but you did it in public. Congrats.