Saturday, April 02, 2005

"The Road Most Travelled"

The challenge this week at Illustrated Friday is travel. I thought about posting my traveling pears again, but that would be redundant, so I found these ants heading toward the land of "milk and honey" and sketched them out. I think they'll do fine once they get to Illo Friday's site.


  1. i don´t know if it counts that i love it because i can never resist tiny weird black creatures, but hey, i love it!

  2. Maybe they're following the pears? And I can definitely resist tinly weird black creatures.

  3. Oh yeah ! I forgot about the GREAT CRICKET MIGRATION, was that this week...
    Great illustration ! I just wish that infernal chirping would go away.

  4. hee hee, this is such a cool illo! sometimes i think this ant army passes thru my kitchen.

    -- ian [everydaymatters]