Sunday, April 03, 2005

"My '53 Chev"

This was my first car. It cost $200 when I bought it in 1963, when I was a junior in high school. It had no grille and a girl once said, "it looks like a hungry catfish coming down the road." I've missed it immensely over the years, even bought another one once, but it was red and not the same. The original was lost in a divorce settlement: she got the car, I got the stereo. The last I saw it it was in 1968, it was full of Mexican farm laborers and heading west.


  1. just passing through blogland... happened upon your blog... i love the way you describe your memories. very nice blog.

  2. And a thing of beauty it is. We always remember our first car or in my case, first bike.

  3. I remember my first car as being a '54 Ford, tudor hardtop. Harold who worked for Ray Roberts Chevrolet in Davis, OK painted it for me, after I had sanded it down. I found fenderskirts for it, and installed two loud glasspack mufflers. The wheels began to fall off the front end, so had to sell it 'fore it sent me up to heaven, a long time ago.