Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Man's Gotta Attitude"

I recently found this sketch in an old sketchbook and remembered how much I liked this guy. He has that "look" about him that says, "Stop drawing me!" I don't remember where the image actually came from. I'd like to say some stuffed shirt at a meeting I wasn't interested in, but it's probably a magazine image (I'm not very adept at sketching someone who's looking straight away at me!). Anyway, I like him, so I thought I'd toss him up.


  1. Just checked out your blog and your work is pretty cool ! I really like your remote control illustration. This guy looks like he could use a hug ! Keep drawing and we'll keep lookin'. :-)

  2. I really like this too, he has a wonderful expression, like your pencil work.

  3. This guy prompted me to do some faces too. He really does have character. Just maybe not one we'd like to know.