Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"The Cabin and the Fir Tree"

If you measure the width of the cabin with your pencil, then use that measure to measure the heighth of the tree, the tree is just over 3 cabin widths high.  It's a big tree, and it worries me some.

This cabin, along with approximatly 100 others, were constructed in the 1920's to house the dam builders who built the Rimrock Dam on Rimrock Lake in Washington state. They were built to last about 5 years.  Today there are 27 still standing and inhabited either year-round, or as vacation getaways for their owners.

Once the cabins were constructed, along with a hospital, tennis courts, a grocery store, etc., the little town became incorporated.  It no longer is. Today it is simply a cluster of cabins.  

The cabin in this sketch was purchased by my wife's parents in 1989. It now belongs to her and her sister as both her parents have passed on.

We were there this last weekend with our family: our son, daughter and son-in-law, three grandkids and two of their cousins. The cabin was full of people and there is only one shower; but it all worked out. We had good food and good fun together. The kids were so well behaved even the neighbors next door commented.

There is a man who lives here year round that paints them, levels them, fixes and improves plumbing and roofing issues. He even traps and kills pack rats.  He is scheduled to do the major repairs needed on this one beginning in September.

We look forward to many more family outings nestled here in the Cascade mountains.  


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  1. Sheeish that is a BIG pine tree. Sounds like good times!