Thursday, October 03, 2013

"October 2, 2013, cont."

 After drawing with Nancy, I drove over to the Grand Opening of the new Yoke's grocery on Keene Road in Richland to experience some of the excitement and interest.

While there I was able to do a couple of sketches and the one I like best will be offered up first in this post.  I am seated in the new luncheon area where there is a two-way fireplace that opens up both into the area as well as the outside patio on the other side of the wall.

However, my attention was on the people shopping in these bran new store, so from this vantage point I was able to capture these folks shopping for veggies and juices in the Produce Department.

The other sketch, below obviously an outside view where I wanted to capture both the building and the pumpkins which denote the time of year it is today.  Halloween is just a few weeks away. 

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