Friday, August 24, 2012

"Quick Sketching in California Adventureland"

The "gang" I was hanging with in Disney's California Adventure park last month was on the move to catch the tram back to our room, so I had only a minute, or less, to capture the essence of this view.
I can still hear my wife asking, "Jim, are you coming?" As they all walked around a corner. Iscratched frantically to capture the skyline, the building on the right, and the perspective in the bend of the far buildings as they face the boulevard.  That's all.  Just quick lines for memory.  
Almost a month later, while waiting for my wife to do some shopping, I laid a few more lines down and it began to look like what I had in mind. Then today, Aug. 22nd, I added a bit of watercolor and "wa-la" it nudges me closer yet to the idea that it is the line and the color of a sketch rather than the accurate depiction of the thing being sketched that lends it "life."
Yeah, I like this one.


  1. Not too many people think to sketch during times like this I'm glad you found a moment to do it.

  2. Another good one. Lately, I have been putting washes down first, leaving holes of white, then doing my drawing over the washes. This reminds me of that style.