Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Fans as Parents, or, Parents as Fans"

The Little League Championships got underway yesterday at the National League fields down next to Westgate Elementary (where I went to school when I was a Little Leaguer).  My grandson's team whupped up on the other guys pretty good, 16-10.  Aiden played the entire game at 2nd base, then center-field.  He didn't do as well as usual at the plate, but he just got home from three days of family visiting across state.  I say he was tired.  His bat speed wasn't quite a zippy as it has been. 

I was going to sketch the players but they move around so much it is very difficult to sketch them.  Maybe at today's game I will get some of them into my sketchbook.  We play again today because we won yesterday.  Lucky us, huh?!

ink and watercolor in 6x9 Super Aquabee Sketchbook. 

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