Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Local Sketchers go Global

This is the new header for our newly revamped blog over at the old "509 Urban Sketchers and Painters" blog.  After petitioning for membership in the global blogging community of the original "Urban Sketchers" with Gabi Campanario and being approved we changed our name, some of the blog, and our FB page as well. 

This view is from what is known as the Blue Bridge which connects Pasco on the north, to Kennewick on the south, sides of the Columbia river in eastern Washington state.  The hills in the distance are, on the left Little Badger Mountain, and the much larger Badger Mountain on the right. 

Along the left-bank here is Columbia Park on the Kennewick side.  Each July for the past 40-some years the big boats, unlimited hydroplanes, race here to thousands of fans who line both sides of the river.  It's a breath-taking site with this bridge you are standing on as a backdrop. 

We are now the "Urban Sketchers: Tri-Cities, WA."  Click the picture to visit the blog, or visit our FB page here. 

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