Saturday, July 09, 2011

"The Spudnut Shop"

Once featured on the Food Nework, the "Spudnut Shop" in Uptown Richland, Wa., has been owned and operated by the Ghiarardo Family since 1848.

That little sign above the front door says so; and please, "don't call them donuts." So says the folks who run this little shop of delights that's open pert near all-the-time.

In the half-hour or so it took me to sketch and color this drawing there were probably at least 20 - 30 people passing through the front door; and, I think the guy on the far left was watching me. Obvious as I was sitting in my truck in the parking lot.

Fun little sketch and not as easy as one would think what with all the straight lines.

Enjoy, and remember, Carol. I know you do.


  1. Your stories and paintings are wonderful! They could be in a book sold at the local book shop!

  2. Wait....I want a spudnut. Fun, fun,fun,.

  3. Fantastic sketch Jim! And I am sure a lot of people were wondering what you're doing there full of curiosity, but in 30 minutes?!! That has to be a record somewhere!

  4. I love your blog. Like I met a friend missed long ago.

  5. Love your sketching style and your choices of subject matter. Wonderful sketches.
    We have similar interests in subject matter. Cars, Baseball, etc. I was a Blue Jays fan but miss baseball since I moved to Vancouver, BC. :-(
    Anyway, looking forward to my first official Sketchcrawl this coming week-end.

    Keep up the great sketches.


  6. Well, I love your piece, but I have a question .... if they're not donuts, what are they? nancy

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