Friday, March 11, 2011

"Book Shoppers in Costco"

I went to the local Costco today with my wife and while she shopped, I found a lawn table and chair for sale near the book counter and sketched some of the folks checking out the books.

Such a fascinating lot!

The thing about this spot though, is you have to loosen your hand and fingers up because people don't linger too long at the book tables.

ink, watercolor, Super Aquabee Sketchbook


  1. I have to admit, Costco isn't a place that readily comes to mind when I think of sketching, but seeing this, I might have to rethink it! Great idea! nancy

  2. This is great - love the colors and feeling of activity.

  3. Wonderful! Maybe it will be published in the costco magazine again; I missed the last one because my membership lapsed for a couple of months!

    Sometimes when people are moving about that much, I end up giving them the head of one person, the torso of another, and sometimes even the legs of another!