Monday, September 27, 2010

"Grandad Joe and His Barn"

A different treatment of my grandfather's barn that was posted earlier:

"On a recent trip to visit relatives in Oklahoma, we drove out to the old Brown estate where my mother and her ten siblings were raised. This barn was built in about 1931, when the family moved from the other side of Massey Creek, to this location.

The old house was situated to the right of this image and a path/road led between the two down to the shops behind and below.

The barn was built out of the oak triees that grew here. My grandfather and uncles Boots, Bert, Cliff, and Washie cut those trees then had them cut into planks by a nearby relative who owned a sawmill. My uncle Bert told me there "was many a bent nail that fell to the ground during construction," because the longer the milled oak sat, the more difficult it was to get a nail into it.

The barn is typical of old barns and will soon be gone."


  1. Great sketch and painting. It's so interesting to see these typical old barns.

  2. I just love a nice old barn. My grandfather had one, even though he never had animals or a farm The wonderful old wood smell and the shafts of sunlight streaming through the boards made it magical... Your barn brings back those memories.

  3. How wonderful that you were able to visit and paint this barn while it's still standing. It's a lovely painting that I'm sure evokes many a memory! nancy

  4. What wonderful memories in that painting.

  5. A wonderful drawing and you are so lucky to have heard the stories of the building. And also very lucky to have to opportunity to draw it while it is still there

  6. Great post and wonderful painting of the barn. There is something evocative about old barns--they have so much character.