Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Charleston Street Scene"

When we were in Charleston last April, I knew I wouldn't be able to comfortably whip out a sketch book, sit down on the curb, and begin sketching because we were traveling with dear friends and I am the only sketcher in the group; so I took lots of reference photos, and of course planned to create all kinds of sketches in my sketchbook when I got home; but, I have been procrastinating.

Lately I have been inspired by Rob Carey's work. Rob is an American teacher living somewhere in Europe. Lucky him, he has all kinds of beautiful architectural scenes to sketch and toss online; and he does much more than 'just' architectural scenes. I love the loose, high energy of his sketches and hope to learn something from them.

Here's his flickr site: go check it out for yourself. You'll see what I see. Just don't compare my work to his! He's one of sooo many people whose work I really admire.

watercolor, ink, some photoshopping for enhancements.


  1. I like the colours and the perspective !

  2. This is an ambitious sketch and you have handled it well. I find Rob Carey's work to be very inspiring too!

  3. Wow. Looks ike you DID do this on the spot. Lovely.

  4. Yet another fantastic sketch!

  5. Your sketches and coloring always seem high energy to me! I think you did a wonderful job with this one. Depth, perspective, bold colors and a strong sense of place. I really like your last sketch at Starbucks (saw it before but didn't have time to comment). I also have a sketch at Starbucks waiting to be colored. Great place to sketch, isn't it?