Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Underground Sprinkler Head"

I have loved the sound of this style of sprinkler ever since my plumber, welder, pipefitter, father connected a bunch of them via metal pipes to the pump which drew irrigation water from a small ditch that ran along the backside of the property.

In those days, 1957, the pipes and the sprinklers were made of metal. Today they are all plastic and PVC - much lighter in weight and, I guess, just as hardy.

This is a plastic one I just purchased to replace one that has gone bad.


  1. We are just driving through East Washington state and I had just commented on how in my "mind's eye" Washington was a rain forest state, and how I did not expect the "desert" looking landscape nor the great expanses of dry farming we are seeing, and then I looked at your post, and your drawing of the sprinkler. Traveling definitely expands your geographical knowledge. Good job on your sketches!

  2. I really like the technicality in this! Nice lines, and great cross-hatching too!
    I am still very much a metal guy when it comes to components like that =)

  3. I wish our sprinklers were hooked up to a ditch instead of the water lines!! So much cheaper!! This is a great sketch.