Monday, March 08, 2010

"Life Drawing: Mosha"

I was late arriving to our session, so this 30 minute pose was only about 10 minutes for me. On the way to the session I decided I was no longer going to try to "charcoal" my drawings today. I like ink and just purchased a new pen, so it was my instrument of choice.

Three drawings were done; but this was the first and the one I like best.

The one below was the last and since I received conflicting reports from our critique session and comments left on the flickr account, I decided to post it as well.

ink on newsprint, 18x24.


  1. Well, I like them both, very much. On the first one, I'm impressed with your like work. It's a wonderful image. And on the second one, the shading and details are really very nice. nancy

  2. Everything Nancy said. I love the top one. Great line work.