Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Virtual Paint-Out: San Francisco"

A few days ago I came across the "Virtual Paint-Out" blog. A blog developed by Bill Guffey where artists of any skill level, using Google Street View, locate a reference image in the city/locale identified for that particular month, draw/paint it and send it to Mr. Guffey for inclusion on to his blog pages.

I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so this is my first entry.
The "Hungry I" used to be a club in San Francisco where stand-up comics got their starts, or those who were already established performed. Somewhere in my collection of old vinyl albums there is one titled, "The Smothers Brothers at the Hungry I." So when I went to Google/Map to find an image for the Virtual Paint Out, I looked up, "Hungry I." What I found is that the club is now a strip-joint, and it has a new name, the "Hungry I Club." I found it on Broadway in the Tenderloin District.

So here it is.

watercolor, 5x6, arches.


  1. I haven't seen your blog/drawings in awhile. I am very impressed with your growing body of work, esp. the on-site sketches of people.
    I am also enjoying the Virtual Paintout concept. See you there.