Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Lost in Time, Lost in Thought"

Someone asked me why I want to draw naked people.

Here's the answer: People who like to draw and want to improve soon learn the most difficult thing there is to draw is the human body; and believe me, for me - it is very difficult.

Look at him. He is peering back at us with what appears - disdain, or possibly anger. Maybe he doesn't like being put on display throughout the world in such a "revealing"manner," or maybe he just wants to get this over with so he can get back home to his wide-screen, or could it be that he's just wishing he had crossed his legs? Whatever is bothering him, he will never reveal.

Lost in time, lost in thought.

charcoal, strathmore charcoal pad, 18X22


  1. Or,maybe that's just how his face falls when he's relaxed. In any event, you did a fine job with this, in my humble opinion. nancy

  2. Nice composition. Yes, I've wondered what models are thinking.

  3. Well, my guess is that he's rehashing a stupid argument he had with his girl! Wonderful sketch! I really like the lost lines on the right side!

  4. Great sketch! I have oftened wondered what models were thinking, too. And yes, the human anatomy is not the easiest thing to draw. In art school they taught us to draw all the bones in the body, then we had to go back and draw the muscles on tracing paper and then tape that over the bone drawings. The idea being that when you drew the human form, you weren't thinking about arms and legs, but bones and muscle structure. You did a great job on this. Keep up the wonderful work.

  5. Great job . Nice shading and interesting expression !

  6. Oh yes, naked people are difficult, but you did a good job, I think he has a very intreresting expression.