Thursday, October 01, 2009

"Village on the Cote d'Azur"

Someday, when I am richer than I already am (smile), I will move here and have a dog and walk the streets in the evening, tipping my fedora to all the ladies, and shaking hands with all the men.

I will sit on the sidewalk outside the local cafe and enjoy the fine Mediterranean cuisine prepared by the retired chef from Paris, or Marseille, or Nice, who opened the cafe after leaving the city; and I will sip aperitifs, like Henry Miller, Anais Nin, and Hemigway did. I will sketch the clientele and become the southern France version of "Rick Tulka" who sketches everyday at Le Select in Paris.

I will sit on the beach and breathe the fresh air and draw pictures of the people on the beach. No longer will I need to cruise Flickr for interesting places to draw, for I will finally live in one.

Dream on, Pal ... lol

watercolor, ink, sketchbook


  1. It looks perfectly charming - I think it would be delightful to live there! nancy

  2. I agree with Nanke, it's very charming, and just by looking at it give a strong sense of relaxation. The blue and green in the water is always a good welcome sign.
    I am sure this works well for your blog, and it certainly is panoramic.

  3. Ah the dream. Mine is of Tahiti. This is a beautiful picture. Just enough civilization in view, but not too much. Very pretty!

  4. It almost sounds like a new challenge...draw your version of heaven (mine would look a lot like Bermuda)

  5. Beautiful sketch! But so is your current banner!

  6. Very serene and peaceful. Art is good when it creates a wonderful mood for the viewer. Love it.