Thursday, October 08, 2009

"Sammie Munchers"

I was actually reading a novel and when I looked up, this was what I saw before me: A line-up of "sammie munchers" in the "sammie" capital of the world, "Subway." Fortunately for me and all you fans out there, I had my trusty sketchbook with me and my also trust number one Pigma Micron pen. So I went to work putting these fine folks into my sketchbook without anyone of them getting nary the idea that their "true to form," and perfect images would, in less than a day's time, be posted for all the World to See.

Ok, ok, I know the characters aren't really "true to form" for all you purists and photorealists out there, but for those of you who follow Danny Gregory's style - this is, sorta, - "true to form."

This is my second attempt to not download, then upload, but to cross-load an image from my flickr account directly to this page. Sizing is more of a problem with this one because this is the "medium" size, and the "small" one was too small. So there ya go, whad'r ya gonna do?

watercolor, ink, journaling sketchbook

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