Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Funky High Heels"

High heels. How anyone could wear them is about as mystifying to me as people who step to an open door and jump out of an airplane.

I eat lunch in Subway, just about everyday (I love the turkey based cold cuts on 9-grain wheat bread, with pepper-jack cheese, no toast, all the veggies, mayo, mustard, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper - make it a meal with chips and a small drink - why would anyone purchase a medium, or large drink, then sit down to eat their sandwich? - anyway-), and I watch a lot of folks come through the door.

What has caught my eye of late are shoes: mostly women's shoes. The other day a young woman came in wearing the most amazing pair of sun-yellow, elevated high heeled, stilletoes. (And some of the women have amazing shoulder bags (purses?) made of leather with multiple straps, colors, pockets, zippers, and stitch patterns.)

So I went online and googled "high heels" to see if there was anything I might want to sketch -this is one pair.

You can click here to see a few more.

watercolor, ink, sketch, high heels


  1. Great drawing of those shoes! I agree, I don't know how anyone Can wear and walk in those kinds of shoes without killing themselves. I used to wear heels, but no more. They're just too uncomfortable and bad for your feet. I once had on a pair of platform shoes and "skied" down our front walk (while about 8 months pregnant! .... fortunately my sweetie was with me). The memory of it still makes me laugh and it was 35 years ago.

  2. What women do in the name of vanity!! These are some stellar lookin' stilletos!!

  3. Oh, these are just too cool! Love the positioning, too! Great job, Jim! (And I like the way you anchored them with the shadows!)