Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What the Crock?

I bought these bad boys in the Florida Keys (Islamorada) last April and have only taken them off to go to bed and take showers. Prior to trying on this pair, I thought crocs were for women, children and sissies. Having a hard time deciding which category to place myself now.


  1. A bit of all three maybe?! Like the sketches. I have some whites ones with painted flowers that I got in Italy, you've made me want to drag them out and draw them too :)

  2. I am curious what the origin is regarding drawing shoes. I will admit that I OWN many shoes and find them fascinating objects. My son, who is an art student, has had a number of shoe-drawing assignments. I would love to know - from artists - what the specific appeal is, in drawing them.

    Am a fan of Warhol's footwear renderings. And like the shoes you've drawn here.