Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whiny Post No. 2

Paul Revere, of "Paul Revere and the Raiders," used to sing a lyric that went, "Kicks just seem gettin' harder to find." I think I know how he felt. Since the beginning of this year I have posted 30 items on "Sketches and Stuff" and have received a whopping total of 79 hits (kicks?). Now what, dear reader, is one to make of ratings that average 2.6 hits per image?

When I look at it, I think my stuff looks pretty good, most of it anyway. I like my blog, I like the black background and the spartan - no boundary imgages; but face it, Mr. Picasso Wanna-Be - your stuff really doesn't exactly rise to the upper regions of the lowest register. Should I just quit? Maybe. I mean, like all the other folks at EDM and the Flickr groups, I crave attention and positive feedback; but c'mon...whose wasting a massive amount of time persuing such trivialities here? Moi? Moi.

Still I do not want to quit. I like sketching, I like trying to get better, I like creating images in my sketchbook. When I first started doing "art," I tried larger pieces of watercolored images - 11x17 was a common size. But as I kept working on these, I found graphite and loved the feel and the way the medium lies on a nicely toothed piece of paper; then through EDM and Flickr I found ink! It's a huge challenge and I really enjoy working in the medium; but I'm not so good at it, ya know whad I mean? So I'm frustrated and lowly motivated this morning.

So, while the "hits just keep gettin' harder to find," I will not quit.

Not yet, anyway.


  1. Don't take it personally... summer's here and folks are outside playing, painting, working in the yard... not cooped up inside on the computer... speaking of which... I'm outta here...
    Love your stuff... don't quit.

  2. Don't quit. I look at your work and then go work on my stuff. The quality of your work is what I aspire to.

  3. Hey there! I read your posts all the time in the wonderful google reader :o) as I am subscribed. I think you do marvelous sketch and drawing far I can't compare (I stick with burning on wood). I hope you stick with what if no one reads it :o)

  4. I am also guilty of reading your blog without posting...please don't quit! I too am inspired of others out there who do have the time, not only to create art, but to blog about it. I may not have the time to post a comment..but I do enjoy.

    Keep it up!!!!

  5. No more whining--get back to work!

  6. Hope you stick around. As with Hippie, I'm subscribed thru Google reader so I always will be following your work. Us bloggers need to stick together. The average Joe just isn't goin' to "get" us.

  7. As wonderful as those stat counters and the blog comment area can be, we can easily get dismayed when we don't get the traffic or amount of feedback we hope for. I've come across blogs where the blogger has beautiful work and posts daily, but I see nary a comment, day after day. They keep going. I've also seen a few bloggers decidedly turn off their comment area (temporarily or permanently) so their not distracted, etc. I feel exactly like you expressed here off and on myself. Then I have to pause and consider just why I am doing what I do, ultimately. The feedback is nice and beneficial, but I feel I'm a stronger artist/person when I continue despite no outside affirmation. Good for you for not quiting!