Thursday, February 05, 2009

What Ever Became of the Hi-Land Drive-In?

Way back when we were in high school, on every Friday and Saturday night, if there wasn't a home game to attend, and sometimes even if there was, you could find many of us at the Hi-Land Drive-In. Situated at the corner of highway 395 and Clearwater Avenue, both two lane roads back in those days, you could see straight into the screen situated in the far corner of the lot that held the drive-in from that intersection.

The folks who live here now have no idea an outdoor drive-in used to sit where the strip mall is located now with its fully asphalted parking lot and Starbucks Coffee Shop in the corner farthest from where the screen sat tall and in full view.

Of course, the things that used to "go on" back in that area of the darkened parking area of the drive-in, not far from where the umbrellas stand today, shall remain forever - closed - but not forgotten in the minds of the many of us who - remember.

If those latte sippers only knew.

sakura watercolor travel kit and brush in sketchbook


  1. Great sketch, Jim. But I thought Zips was the big hangout place.

  2. How interesting!I love your story of the place and the great color in your painting.