Monday, February 02, 2009

Internet Peeps

Sometimes when I'm hooked into watching television in the evening I try to draw people either on the television by scratching out horrible dis-likenesses on newsprint using fat prismacolor pens; or I draw people I find on the internet who are sitting still on my laptop, and I draw them in the smaller sketchbook I am presently trying to fill.

Eventhough these models are still, my likenesses of them are still more dis-likenesses. But they are fun to do and to dream about doing in larger formats with watercolors.

Here are a few I drew last night.


  1. These are great practice sketches - I love your method of finding them on the internet.

  2. What fantastic characters - where did you find them?? Well yeah, on the internet... but that's such a great assortment of people, and so well drawn.