Friday, February 27, 2009

Christian Evolutionist, Dr. Layman Abbott

I found Dr. Abbott while cruising through the Library of Congress website this afternoon. I had never heard of him before, but when I saw the picture I had to draw him. I used the closest materials available, a gelly-roll pen and a piece of printing paper. Among other things I learned he was a "Christian Evolutionist," and it is fascinating to think about how his thoughts might have been modified with today's knowledge of the macromolecules that drive the evolutionary process. (I think it would have thrilled him.)

Want more information? Check out his Wikipedia site here:


  1. I enjoy your blog. Such diversity.

  2. I love the different types of techniques you used in this portrait. I thought it was ink.

  3. LOVE this face.....i can understand that once you saw it it just begged to be drawn. I'm a FACE person, too.....can't get enough of them. Love them apples, too!