Tuesday, November 18, 2008

French Cookbook Recipes (2)

Two french recipes found in Ina Garten's, "Barefoot in Paris, Easy French Food You Can Make at Home." "Rosemary Cashews," and "Herbed New Potatoes."

Ms. Garten's book is handsome with many mouth-watering recipes and superb photography. When I went to Amazon to check out the "used and new" section, I found some very reasonably priced. Then I read the reviews. Here is what I learned. Most recipe book reviewers don't mention their attempts to use the recipes, only how great the book is and how wonderful the photographs are (ahem); but if you dig deep enough you may find someone who has tried some of the recipes.

Such was the case with this book. This person reported that there were many omissions regarding things like when to add the butter, or when to add the sauce - things that make the book weak and certainly not one that fulfills the promise of its title. I didn't order it.

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  1. I always read the reviews on Amazon too - they really help. Nice illustrations!