Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It Needed Some Color

You can read about this image in the previous post where it is posted in black and white. After looking at it for a day or so, I decided it needed some color. I think this is more interesting and fun to look at.

gelly roll pen, watercolor, sketchbook


  1. You're absolutely right; it needed color. I like it much better -it's more interesting and livley.

  2. I agree! And you did a great job with the color, it has a great light and movement now. The older couple looks happy to be there, no?

  3. The color makes a huge difference! LOVE it! The original photo is priceless - how did you get permission to paint it?

  4. I preferred the b&w -- see what you did!
    Ha Ha
    You did a great job with the color.
    Sherrie Roberts

  5. I love the color. After all it's a parade!