Friday, August 01, 2008

EDM #19: Draw Something You Made

This little guy has been with me many years. I made him when I was in seventh grade, a long, long, time ago in a far away school (well, it's actually just downtown from here..). He's not really porcelain, but clay with a pure white glaze that makes him look porcelain; and he's solid, really solid.

I needed a project, the deadline was looming, minutes actually. I grabbed a baseball size hunk of wet clay, jammed my thumbs into, smoothed the ridge that formed above each eye, made a small slit for a mouth and turned it in.

Grade? I have no idea, but I'll bet it is one of the very few clay projects than anyone still has from that class...."A" material, doncha think?


  1. Very fun and a wonderful thing to have kept all these years.

  2. Actually, he's pretty neat. Didn't we all do wacky things back in 7th grade! It's really neat that you still have him. I was five years old in 1958 so I guess you are a little bit older than I am lol! But not much!

  3. Two thumbs up (or would it be "in")!

  4. terrific - i'm jealous.