Thursday, July 31, 2008

Everyday Matters Challenge #16 is to draw a favorite tool. I picked this one because over the past couple of summers I have added barbecueing to my list of things passionate about.

The passion level runs higher than some would suspect. I started a blog about BBQing. I'm rather proud of the title of this new blog (one more of many).

The title stems from when I was in college and my roomies and I eventually compressed, "Let's go eat," to "squeeet."

And that's the title of my new blog about BBQing, "Squeeet."


  1. Super metallic look to this Jim...welldone! :)

  2. Very nicely done!
    With my hubby, BBQing is a competitive sport. I'll send him on over to Squeet :)

  3. Really great sketch of something metal. Good BBQ tool for sure.

  4. That's really well done, Jim! You captured the look of metal perfectly, and the shadows are wonderful.