Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Taking Five at the Neel Pier"

Just got back from a weekend with my old buddy, Joe, and his wife, Vic, over in Olympia, Washington. We were good buddies in high school and college, then for reasons no one can well identify, we drifted askance for the last twenty-four years. It was an absolute joy for my wife and I to spend the weekend with him and his wife and one of his daughters, Holly, and her family.

I created this sketch early one morning from Joe's Pier on the lake where he and his wife enjoy the commodities of a lake cabin. It sits straight across the road from their house.

"Taking Five" is more a reference to our traveling up to Seattle on Friday night to a Dave Brubeck concert than the usual and ordinary ref to just chillin' for a few minutes. If that has to be explained, you may be too young to appreciate most of my comments on this blog...just kidding.

graphite in moleskine sketchbook


  1. Phew! Thought for a moment that I wasn't going to find my way to your blog, as the link from the Superblog led to a dead end. I have tracked you down, however, and what a relief, because I would like to comment on this absolutely lovely sketch. I like your scribbled suggestions of the further trees - and the subtlety of the reflections!

  2. Jim, I've been busy moving so haven't spent any time looking at my favorite blogs. Wanted to stop and say how much I enjoy your recent posts. Also, miss your music. I stole your idea for my own site and have gotten such nice comments on the music. Have you found a replacement music site since they took Sonific down?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Nice drawing...really beautiful peaceful place...And the Dave Brubeck reference...I remember seeing him when he first was coming into his own in the Chicago area...he and the group played a free concert at one of the first outdoor shopping malls in the early 60' was a very upscale place...but a very free concert...been a fan ever since! Thanks fot he trip down memory lane> :)

    And Yes...we all need our music back...what happened? The silence literally hurts my ears! LOL :)

  4. I didn't know Brubeck was still on the circuit! Thanks for nudge of memory.
    And thanks for the interesting sketches.(I blog-hopped via several other sites)