Sunday, April 20, 2008

Barnes and Noble and a Sunflower

Sunflower and Pencils
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I recently listened to author James Patterson on a podcast and since I've never read one of his books, I thought maybe I would check him out. So I went down to Barnes and Noble. Turns out James Patterson is probably Stephen King's nearest competitor in terms of sales and proliferation of books.

But here's my secret: I never buy books at B & N, though I do love going there. What I do is write down the title of the book and how much B&N want for it, then go home and check out the prices at Amazon. Amazon almost always wins out: sure I have to wait a while to get the book, but so far that hasn't damaged me in any way.

So, after checking out James Patterson, I dallied over to the magazines and went to my favorite section: art mags. I pulled three off the shelf and found one of these comfy chairs that are becoming, slowly, more and more difficult to find in B&N, and thumbed through the magazines.

In one of the watercolor mags, don't remember which, this sunflower popped out, so I sketched it out in my pocket moleskine and brought it home. A couple years ago my grandaughter received a packet of colored pencils for a Christmas gift. The packet still had the price on it, so I offered her more than that and she agreed to see them to me. The asking price was one dollar.

So, when I got home I immediately forgot that I recently purchased a set of Prismacolor pencils, and completely colored this sunflower in with the cheap ones. I wasn't too happy with what was going on because they weren't going on in that smooth, creamy, fashion the Prismacolors do; then I realized I had f____d up.

So, I got out my Prismacolor and went over the top of the cheap-o's. It came out ok.


  1. It is very dangerous for me to go into a Barnes and Noble even though I buy more from Amazon. I had some cheap color pencils that I had laying around for years that I was going to let the grandkids play with. I decided to toss them and now I save my Prismacolor shorties for them. Might as well let them use better quality materials too. Love the color on the sunflower. Glad the Prismacolors came to the rescue.

  2. Great color...quality of material does make a huge difference...I found out the hard way with watercolor. :)

  3. This is wonderful! The colors are so rich and deep, the flower just glows.

  4. Very nice work! I love your sketches of cars..


  5. I do the same with B&N. I like your sunflower, its very nice..