Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So I was listening to Danny Gregory interview Hal Mayforth on the iPod while I was removing winter's nasty, brown and gooey, leaves from the pool-cover this afternoon and those two guys are responsible for this piss-poor sketch because all my fans know I would never post anything so sub-par as this chicken-scratched production...yeah, right.

Mayforth said he has been using a certain type of pen for many years. I couldn't make out what kind it was, but my imagination told me it was the type of pen I used and sketched in the lower right hand corner of this image. I've had two of these type of penhs for a couple of years and box full of inks from Winston & Newton, so I decided I needed to give it a try. Aaaaarrrrrrrgh! It's bad; but it's art, right? Yeah, it's art.

The main thing I learned here is that this ink doesn't dry instantly like my Microns do. So, as you can plainly see, I drug my hand across wet ink a few times. The other thing I think I'm learning is that I need to either quit drinking coffee, or accept the fact thay I have a tremor in my hand. God, Iused to be able to draw such straight and smooth lines......of course I could read fine-text without visual aids too..not to mention a few other things I used to be able to do; but I'm sure this is just a coffee tremor...right? lol

Oh, and one other thing I learned is that this ink doesn't run under water after it has dried; and that's a good thing, right Martha?

india ink in my moleskine and comments are neither requested or needed.


  1. You know what? Thjis drawing can´t be that bad. I liked it so much that it made me come and subscribe to your blog. :)

  2. LOL..Yep, coffee has alot to answer for.
    It IS art and, personally, I love this page!

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  4. No greater complement can be paid,ksklein. Thank you.