Monday, March 24, 2008

Bologna Motorweek

I've been experimenting lately with the style of cross-hatching that Andrea Joseph does on the images she posts at Flickr, and here on her blog. While Andrea uses mostly pencils for her work, I made a recent switch from mostly graphite sketching to ink; and that's the result of my listening to the Danny Gregory podcasts. (One might think I'm a man of little sense of self-direction in my art, and one would be right on!)

Anyway, this is my first attempt to sketch a portrain using the cross hatching technique I've picked up from Andrea and the ink from Danny's influence. I think it turned out pretty good, the eyes are much better than I thought they would, the shadows around the mouth aren't much to get too excited about.

The lip color isn't right; but hey, it's red and that's all that really counts, right? I think she'll do.

micron pen, watercolor pencils, in watercolor moleskine


  1. I'm glad that you're clobbering together ideas from others styles to create your own statement. Let the fun carry on!

  2. Jim,
    I think you did very well in your coss-hatching. It's not easy to do in ink as
    it is in pencil.
    Nice work.

  3. Great job on this one. She's come out pretty well. She has definite dimention.

  4. Great use of shading and dramatic light. Nice work!