Monday, August 27, 2007

Pattie Boyd

I have often heard that Eric Clapton somehow 'stole' George Harrison's wife and either before the larceny, or afterwards, he wrote the song, "Layla." When her picture popped up in last Sunda's Parade Magazine, I couldn't wait to get my mechanical graphite pencil and moleskine out for something new to draw.

60's model, Pattie Boyd, inspired her former husbands to write three rock classics: George Harrison - "Something," and Eric Clapton - "Layla" and "Wonderful Tonight." *

She has written a book titled, Wonderful Tonight, which is to be released this week. It might be an interesting read.

* Parade Magazine

graphite in moleskine


  1. Hi Jim - What wonderful work you do! I browsed through your entire blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope your wife is doing well - I have metastatic breast cancer and am making medical history with a 5-years-and-counting remission so sometimes bad news turns into something good. Best wishes to you both. - Barbara

  2. Well I'll leave a comment Jim! ;) It's a super portrait, the hair and the eyes really shine, it has a glow about it that I really like.

  3. I really like the way her eyebrows show through the hair.
    Nice job!

  4. Great drawing! Love how you did the hair. Nice expression. I'll bet the book would be an interesting read.