Friday, December 01, 2006

Church Sketching

A couple of Sundays ago, while listening to the preacher's sermon, I picked up the bulletin for the morning and started sketching on the backside. The image I was playing with was from memory of a sketch I had been working on at home.

The Cathedral in Florence, by Arnolfo de Cambio, was begun in 1296 and wasn't completed until 1462; thirty years before the Italian Columbus stepped foot on the Americas, and some 550 years before this sketch popped up in the United Methodist Church we attend.

This "memory" sketch is actually my favorite over the other one in a sketch book; the one that had more energy and meticulosity embedded within it's graphite splendors. I'm rambling.....time to put my first post in months.

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  1. Hey Jim, good to see you posting again! Love your Christmas card too. It is really well painted.