Friday, March 03, 2006

Television Sketching

While watching American Idol and trying to do some writing in my spiral notebook, I found too much distraction coming from the television to write. These sketches replaced the writing as I tried to capture some of the "singers" who are trying to "woo and warble" the American public into voting for them.

I must admit however, though there is nothing "creative" in this program, and I find it inane, useless and not much more than another another attempt by the burgeoning entertainment industry to capture our minds and turn them into a type of gooey film, similar to that that grows on some people's teeth (not mine, of course, gosh!), I sorta like this show.

I know, none of these sketches look like any of the real American Idols, but hey I'm not Chuck Rose, or Wally Torta, or Modigliani. I'm just a guy with a graphite pencil and a spiral notebook trying to maintain some of the small chunks of cerebral tissue still floating in my head.


  1. are one of these guys the grey haired fella that plays harmonica? Nice sketches

    With gooey film covered cerebellum-

  2. (laughing) I don't watch this particular show -- I spend my scheduled "inane time" on Survivor and a couple of other silly shows. BUT -- these sketches look great! It's good to see you drawing again!

  3. I did one of Simon! (though I didn't post it) I have to admit - my hubby, son and I are hooked on the show... ;)