Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"3 Lavender Pots with Text"

This is another sketch regarding what I'm thinking about doing with a watercolor 11 x 14 on Arches #140 cold-pressed paper.

You'll see here a drastic difference in the colors from the first post. The reason is the paper, the first is on moleskine paper (I really like the way the thick moleskine paper handles watercolors); this is #110, acid free white paper, in a Robert Bateman, sketch book. It doesn't really like watercolor at all. Also, this one is pencil and watercolors only, whereas the moleskine below is ink and watercolors.

I think I like the pots and flowers better on this one, but the foreground and background on the other better.

I want to use complementary colors to hopefully get the pots to pop off the page. I'm not sure how to handle the back/foreground, but I'm thinking about using different color schemes in a sort of non-representational style, something like the one below.


  1. Hi Jim. My 2 cents: I love the way these pots are drawn-the reflections, the shape and the plants--but I really love the colors in the first sketch. I also like the composition of the first sketch. It is so interesting to watch the process of this painting you are planning. Especially for me--no planning Joyce.

  2. I also love the bright colors in the first sketch but the translucency in this one is great. I feel like I could flick it with my fingers and make it ting.


  3. For those member who were into the moleskine conversations a few hundred posts back :-), I think it's interesting the affect the sketchbook has on the color. It's something I'd like to replicate on regular Arches #140 paper, but have a hard even there with it.

  4. Jim ... how about using a plate finished Bristol that's designed for watercolor? It can be very interesting to paint on...
    Anyway, I like them both and wouldn't want to have to decide between the two! :-)