Saturday, May 07, 2005

"Happy Mother's Day"

Happy Mother's Day to all the fantastic moms in the EDMG!

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  1. Jim, you're such a sweetheart! Thanks for the thought and the lovely rose sketch.

  2. (sleepy yawn) Good morning and thanks for the first Mother's Day card of the day! :-) Nice rose!

  3. I am here from the M&G and I have to be honest here. I first had to go through all of your posts first as I was facinated with your beautiful paintings and drawings. My favorite is the Indian.
    Your mothers day card is the best I have seen yet... you composed it, drew it and painted it. It came from inside you and that is what makes it special.

    Kudo's Jim!

  4. Interesting place you got here, Jim. Of the sketches I surveyed, for some reason "Piles" was my favorite. I'm here from Michele's home.

  5. Jimbo:
    Mother's Day used to be the hardest day for me, each year, after Mother passed. I worked the last two Mother's Day that my Mother was alive, and of course, felt very guilty about it for years after she died. Every year on Mom's Day, I stop and wish again, as I have in years gone by, that Mom was still here to see how her family has grown. Oh how, I cherish her's been 20 years.
    Bless Her Heart.