Friday, April 29, 2005

"Methodist Church"

My wife and I were married in this church, so was her sister and her husband, my mother and father-in-law renewed their marriage vows here, my niece married her husband in this church a few months ago, and my father-in-law's funeral was held here. It the most majestic, somewhat Romanesque structure in this city, and it sits like a rock in the old downtown section of town.

This morning they held a huge rummage sale there, so while my wife, daughter, mother-in-law , and three grandchildren plied the aisles searching for "good deals," I walked across the street and sketched the old building. I shoulda planned a little better, I couldn't get the steps down to ground level, and I couldn't show the beautiful gardens that off-set the front of the building. Oh well, what'er you gonna do?
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  1. Great momento of a church that has so much meaning in your family.

    You certainly have been a busy boy lately. You should be very satisfied with your output, both in quality and quantity. Keep up the great work

    Scratches & Scribbles

  2. wow, you uploaded a lot of stuff! this happens to me, too. not being able to fit the drawing in the page, i mean. but yours looks great. hey, what's the stamp thing at the upper left hand portion? =) i like it being there.

    --ian [everydaymatters]

  3. Jim, I love, love, love this distinctive style you're developing with these latest sketches! The ink and watercolor medium suits you so well. These are amazing.

  4. Well you've been busy. These sketches are beauties. I like the addition of the stamp too. I liked it so much I started to add them to my drawings too (you'll see- it's on the postcard). I like the coloring too. I have to practice drawing the sky - your's are always so subtle. The blue of this sky and the pink sky of the earlier drawing with the boy are really lovely.