Saturday, March 26, 2005

"Face 00059e"

A face from the darkness, splashed with a spot of light. More ink and watercolor en le moleskine.


  1. How very fine. It reminds of an old British movie - An Affair to Remember. The original not that Cary Grant thing. Leslie Howard was the actor. This doesn't look like him but it reminds me of him anyway - which is what art is supposed to do right? Make you think. And I think this is really fine.

  2. I very much like this one! Is is a self portrait? It is very expressive and the lighting is fantastic. I AM curious about the title of the post, too!

  3. Linda, No, it is not a self-portrait. It was some guy having a coffee one morning a couple tables away from where I was sitting. The title? Funny you ask because I didn't know what to title it, so after messing with a title for a few minutes, I came up with "Face," but that's rather bland all by itself, so I decided to add some numbers, like it's some kind of filing system. Then I thought the numbers looked too clinical, boring, so I added the "e." Exotic, huh.